Top five actors who always play the same role

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Although we love them and celebrate their films, we have noticed that they became the wild card of the directors to interpret specific roles, in other words, they typecast them into a type of character.

While they are good at what they do, from time to time, it would be good to see them in new roles to appreciate their talent more and enjoy it within a broader range of possibilities.

We present some actors who ended up in the same role, film after film, but who are still loved by their followers:

5. Jennifer Aniston

Her role as Rachel in Friends enshrined her career as a great comedy actress. However, she was left with the roles of a working woman who struggles to have a more comfortable life.

Always the special girl that will get any man with her way of being spontaneous and with grace. In most of those roles, she will end up married or in love with the hero.

4. Ben Stiller

Yes, he is a great actor, but he stayed with romantic comedies in which he usually plays a man of little character and somewhat loser. He struggles to have the woman of his dreams that seems unattainable.

3. Michelle Rodriguez

She is a rude girl. She has a toned body and a penetrating look. Her roles always imply that she carries weapons and that she mashes the villains of the films; she is not afraid to crash cars.

Michelle seduces the heroes and breaks their hearts, she is tough and unruly, and although we appreciate her roles, we have always seen her in the same character but different titles.

2. Vin Diesel

He is wonderful about the role of a rough man who has a tough heart. However, it is hard to imagine him far from the blows, weapons, and vehicles that explode, Vin Diesel has an enviable trajectory of films in which he is a guy with nerves of steel, and we love him.

1. Hugh Grant

He is the sweet, shy and vulnerable man, he was perfect for the directors of romantic films, to pass the heartbreak pain, full of drama and impossible loves in which in the end everyone is always happy.

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