Train your mind to attract positive thoughts and be happier

There are a large number of books and experts in psychology and psychiatry that agree that “the mind is the most powerful weapon of the human being”, it is an ally if you have positive thoughts, emotions and feelings; otherwise, it becomes a dangerous enemy that attracts problems such as depression – emotional disorder that causes constant sadness and loss of interest in everyday activities.

To train it, it does not require much effort, but a lot of perseverance and will, since the changes take time to reflect. Some tips are:

Accept responsibilities and regain control

When you blame others for your problems, such as doing a bad job for a boss who is disastrous, being unhappy about a relationship with a toxic person – friendship, partner or family -, not having enough money to travel because the salary is not received deserved, among other excuses, you take away the power to change the situation. At this point, you must analyze what responsibility you have in each situation and how you are going to take a positive turn.

Examine your beliefs.

Analyzing your behaviour will give you clues regarding your inner thoughts. For example, if you think you are not loved you will become extremely sensitive and take what they tell you personally; To avoid conflicts, people will begin to distance themselves and reinforce the belief that you are not loved. On the contrary, if you attract a positive thought that you are loved, it will be a pleasure to hang out with others, and positive people will come into your life.

Break the cycle of negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are cyclic – they are repeated again and again – when one comes, think of something positive. One way to do this, you must recognize and appreciate what you already have, without focusing energy on wanting what you still don’t get.

Focus your thoughts on desired goals

When thoughts are rooted in fear, doubt, worry, criticism, frustration and anxiety, it means that there is no assurance of what is wanted in life. The best, in this case, is to set objectives – from the smallest to the largest – to move in the desired direction.

Control your mood

When you feel a change in mood, take a moment to breathe deeply and focus your attention on something in the present (such as the sound of your own breathing).

The German writer Eckhart Tolle states in his book The Power of the Soul :

Thinking has become a disorder. The mind is a fantastic instrument if used correctly, but used incorrectly, can become tremendously destructive. It’s not that we misuse our mind, it’s that we don’t use it at all.

What do you think?

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