Trump supporters march against quarantine and nurses block them

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While much of the world is in confinement to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and end the pandemic of this new coronavirus once and for all, people in the United States are protesting to demand an end to quarantine and the reopening of the US economy.

These strikes have been called mainly by supporters of President Donald Trump, the largest concentration being held in Austin, Texas, where dozens of people crowded outside the Capitol, headquarters of the local government, to demand “Open Now” while shouting things like “They can’t close America.”

Many local governments fear the collapse of the US economy if it is not initiated again, so they ask to reopen the activities of businesses from April 24; Of course, taking the appropriate instructions to keep both staff and customers safe. Yes, of course.

But those who are fed up with this nonsense are the health sector workers, who have seen first-hand how the virus fatally affects people and know that, if not stopped in time, there will be more deaths in the next month.

In Colorado, for example, medical workers have responded to protesters with a peaceful counter-protest, and as far-rightists parade with banners reading “land of freedom,” nurses and doctors chose to stop the passage and block the path of the cars participating in the march.

On social media, we can appreciate some powerful images and videos where we see nurses and doctors wearing their uniforms and blocking the procession of motorists honking their horns outside the State Capitol, hoping to defy the rules.

The exchange of words was immediate and, while the medical workers remained firm and calm, people from the march began to attack them, so the police force had to intervene.

Mary Conely, one of the Jefferson County protesters in Denver, said: “Marijuana shops are open, abortion clinics are open, and my church is closed. Death is part of life and it is time to start living again. “

Trump has encouraged those protests by calling last Friday to “liberate” some states led by Democratic governors, and noting Saturday that “some governors had gone too far.”

The president’s comments were criticized by several governors, including Republicans. Larry Hogan, the Republican governor of Maryland, who was the scene of a demonstration on Saturday, considered that “there is no point in encouraging people to demonstrate against a plan on which one has just made recommendations.”

It should be noted that many of the protesters in various cities were wearing hats and T-shirts in support of President Donald Trump, and although some wore masks, not many people practiced social distancing measures.