Try Decorating for Christmas With a Theme This Year

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We are already in one of the most anticipated times of the year: Christmas. And while some people are excited to spend time decorating their home, others opt for a “practical” Christmas and prefer to do the decoration simple and quick, but, yes, with excellent taste and style. How to achieve it?

Here we give you some pieces of advice.

The first thing is to define the style of our decoration: classic, glam, or natural; Or follow the trend this year, which are pastel colors.

When choosing the style of decoration, you should keep in mind the colors that give you peace, such as blue, green and white, because we live a lot of pressure every day and what we least want are tones that transmit so much energy in your own home.”

Once the style is defined, continue with the ornaments. You must take into account the basics of Christmas: candles, crowns, stars, or lights, as these, to a fair extent, are enough to give that air of celebration.

It is not necessary to remove the objects that we have in our daily decoration, but, on the contrary, what we can do is include elements of the season. “You can put the Christmas lights on the plants or around the pots you have; that is, you decorate the existing.”

In the kitchen, for example, we can change the daily dryer for a red one or the color we have chosen in our decoration, and in the bathroom, the liquid soap dispenser can also be of that tone. “The important thing is that everything has the same style, that everything is according to the style you have chosen to use.”

Styles to decorate at Christmas

– Classic: Red and green colors predominate.

– Glam: it is sophisticated and elegant; bright colors stand out, for example, silver with blue touches.

– Natural: bet on the elements inspired by nature; Brown, nude and green tones predominate.

The center of attention: the Christmas tree

If there is an object that represents Christmas, that is the Christmas tree.

Decorating it with natural elements brought from the field, such as eucalyptus and pineapple branches, is innovative, and “these details give it an incredible aroma, give it a natural wave, and when the month is ending, they dry up a bit, and they give a real feeling.