These Hollywood Women Are Insanely Tall

Gwendoline Christie — 6’3

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The Game of Thrones and Star Wars leading lady had made a career out of her height. At a staggering 6’3, Christie plays up her height in her roles. In Game of Thrones, she plays Brienne of Tarth, a monstrous soldier who can fight with the best of them. In Star Wars, she’s a certified general.

Christie wasn’t always confident with her height. She says that as a child, she felt “alienated from the rest of society.”

Allison Janney — 6’0

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The queen of political television dramas has openly admitted that she never thought her height was to her advantage. In an interview with NPR, Janney said that when people ask her height, she says she’s “5 feet 12 inches” instead of just admitting she’s 6 feet.

Janney even attributes her height to explain why it took her so long to start her career in Hollywood. Hopefully, she knows now it just makes her acting presence even more powerful.

Karlie Kloss — 6’1

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There’s no missing this fresh-faced model standing at 6’1. Karlie Kloss knows her height has made a difference on her modeling career and she loves it. Despite appreciating her height for work, she doesn’t exactly flaunt it off the runway.

She’s said you won’t catch her wearing high heels just for running errands in New York. Kloss told People magazine that “I think I would look like a crazy woman walking around N.Y.C. in heels.”

Nicole Kidman — 5’11

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Kidman is one of the most elegant actresses in Hollywood thanks to her long, lean frame. It was only recently that Kidman became confident in her height. She was nicknamed “Storky” in high school and admitted that she was the girl no boys wanted to dance with.

She did publicly comment on her height back in 2001 after her divorce from notoriously short actor Tom Cruise. She was asked what she’d do after the divorce is finalized, and Kidman said, “Well, I can wear heels now.”

Sigourney Weaver — 6’0

Samuel de Roman/Coolmedia/NurPhoto/Getty Images

There’s a reason why Sigourney Weaver does such a good job as a female action hero. Her staggering figure makers her intimidating to men, women, and alien races.

Weaver has talked about her height and how it has always affected her. According to her, she was already 5’10 by the age of 14. Any 14-year-old male or female would attract a lot of bullies in high school, but she paid no attention. Who’s laughing now?

Tilda Swinton — 6’0

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Everything about Tilda Swinton’s appearance in unique and makes you want to look twice. From the bleached blonde eyebrows to the alien-like cheekbones, she’s made a career out of her unique appearance. Swinton’s 6’0 statuesque frame has helped her separate herself from the crowd and own her appearance.

Since Swinton has made a career out of being different, she’s never had a confidence problem with her height, and instead chose to embrace it.

Leslie Jones — 6’0

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It seems like Leslie Jones has the full package and a big part of that is her height. Jones has a loud and proud personality and a body to match it. The Saturday Night Live actress is absolutely killing it with her comedy on the late-night show and has extended it to feature films like Ghostbusters 2.

It would almost be strange to have such a commanding personality coming from someone only 5’2 or 5’3.

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Written by Peter Ramos

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