Veterinarian Alfa cures homeless pets for free

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The existence of people living on the streets is very hard, and for many, their only consolation is the pet that accompanies them in good times and in bad times. That is why Stewart Kwane decided to help these faithful companions.

He is a California veterinarian who always carries a medical bag with him and does not miss any opportunity to review and care for homeless pets. Stewart is a hero without a cape, who helps without charging the only friends who have these homeless people.

Since 2011, this 49-year-old male became a street veterinarian who travels the city to find sick animals and cure them. He treats cases of allergies, fleas, ear and skin infections, cleaning and tooth extraction, and has even had to do tumour surgery.

As he attended to his new street patients, this doctor realized that people did not cure their pets because they could not afford the operations and treatments. So he also decided to help them, creating a fund for their pets.

Now Dr Kwane has an account on the GoFundMe page, where he receives donations in cash and uses the money to purchase healing materials and, in some cases, pay for major medical services of very sick animals.

For this veterinarian, caring for the pets of the homeless is giving double help: it saves the animals and also gives a message of hope to their owners. Healing his four-legged companions reminds them that we must take care of each other.

The people I have met and the pets I have treated have left a great impression on me, and I hope I have renewed some of their faith in the goodness of people.

—Dr. Stewart Kwane, veterinarian and altruist

Thanks to your generosity, many pets have been saved, and in these images, you can see the street veterinarian in action. Without a doubt, it is a great example to follow and deserves all our support and respect.

1. Everyone deserves care

2. Review time

3. He helps them to trust other people

4. He also brings them food and other gifts

5. “There is something about this that I love”

6. It’s about taking care of each other

7. Always ready with the briefcase

8. Serving all kinds of pets

9. Best friends deserve care

10. Stewart, always willing to help