What are the foods of the month of March?

Between winter and spring, the third month of the year brings a lot of benefits. The foods of the month of March are varied and very nutritious.

We have everything from fruits to herbs to vegetables. Read down what these foods are.

Green food

In the month of March, we can eat a lot of recipes where some of the best green foods will be present, for sure. This is the case of spinach, green beans, zucchini, wild asparagus, and green peppers.


There are also those other purple foods that allow us to eat hot or cold. It is the case of eggplant and beets.

White color

The foods of the month of March are colorful, in this white color, we find from garlic, through cauliflower, leeks, and radishes.


The best seasonal fruits are starring citrus fruits, which are still at this time of year. This is the case of lemons, oranges, and tangerines, although this fruit is less. In turn, it is time to buy grapefruits that begin to appear in all greengrocers.

It is also the time for strawberries, so rich and nutritious. We can take them alone, with sugar, with liquor, with cream and chocolate.

New potatoes

These are the names of those potatoes that are picked from March to June. They are characterized by being smaller, have more water, are rich in vitamin C, and low in calories. They allow you to make a lot of dishes, from the tasty potato omelet to the Russian salads that cover the tapas of Spanish cuisine.


There are many seasonal fish and others that are all year round. But in the month of March, we also have mackerel, anguilla, and sole.

In the case of mollusks, you can eat mussels, razors, and clams at this time.


Hunting meats are protagonists of this month’s food. But we also have the rest that is all year.

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