What should we have for breakfast during confinement?

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Breakfast ends up being an important meal and as such, should be healthy. We wonder what we should have for breakfast during confinement and also on other days.

Eating a large breakfast in the morning will make us distribute the energy during the day, and we will not arrive at lunchtime already fainted because this will make us eat much more.

According to various studies, people usually eat pastries and coffee, preferably during breakfast. Something that is not entirely healthy because we need a variety of foods and the pastries provides unhealthy fats.

Nutritionists agree that these fats will satiate us when we eat them, but then they will make us much more hungry, which is why we constantly want to snack.

What foods will we incorporate?

We have cereals of all types, and if they are whole, much better. These cereals can be combined with milk and many other ingredients.

It is also recommended to add fruits, perfect if they are in season. Dairy products cannot be lacking, in the form of milk, yogurt, and fresh cheese. If we choose over-cured cheeses, they have a lot of salt and fat and will make us gain weight.

Natural fruit juices are also good options, although eating the fruit directly is recommended. You can also have some cereal bread with some turkey.

Coffee is one of the drinks that most people consume while eating breakfast. But we must limit the number of coffees we drink during the day. We already know that caffeine can wake us up, but its abuse is not a good thing. For its replacement, we have teas of various flavors.

To milk with cereals, we can add nuts, very healthy foods that provide omega 3, and many vitamins and minerals. The egg is also outlined as an excellent food to start the day because it will give us the energy we need during the day, yes, also at home.

Possible combinations

The combinations are endless, and we will not complain because there is a wide variety of foods. From bread with tomato and olive oil with turkey and fresh cheese + fruit. Milk with cereals + dried fruit + natural juice. Another combination is a porridge of oatmeal, milk, and a piece of fruit.

Yogurt smoothie with fruit and some bread, coffee with milk and an egg and turkey, etc. They are foods that we must have for breakfast during confinement.