What’s In Your Drink? The Straw That May Detect Drugs

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The straw can recognize the presence of Rohypnol, liquid ecstasy, and ketamine in the drinks of women, who, in these cases, are numbed with drugs and then abused and or raped by the responsible. A simple invention that can save many lives!

In recent times, human beings have entirely diversified their ways of harming. One of the most common in recent times involves defenseless girls, alcohol, drugs, and a perverse and criminal responsible: the person in charge puts depressing drugs in the woman’s glasses and then abuses them, whether in clubs, bars or even houses.

And of course, now nobody can be completely sure about the people around them, and that is why these girls decided to devise a solution to improve the safety of many of their colleagues: a straw that recognizes drugs in drinks.

Those responsible for this creative invention are Victoria Roca, Susana Capello, and Carolina Baigorri, all students of Gulliver High School, located in Miami (Florida, USA), who came up with this solution in chemistry classes. The straw reacts to gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, ketamine and roofies, drugs that are commonly used to alter beverages and mental states; When the invention comes into contact with a contaminated beverage, one of its tips is dyed blue.

Generally, violations occur in dating a lot, especially with strangers. According to the figures, the rape rate in these instances occurs among university students who drink repeatedly or are under the influence of drugs, with the group of women aged 16 to 24 being the most vulnerable of all.

Currently, this straw – baptized as Smart Straw – is in the process of obtaining its patent, which could cause it to be marketed. And this is precisely the idea because that way, the number of rape victims could be significantly reduced by being drugged against their will.

It is necessary that this invention is massified because it could potentially save many lives.

Universities or research centers should do more such successful experiments; no doubt such acts or gadgets can be beneficial for many people around the world.

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