When to use fingers and brushes when applying makeup?

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We always see that professional makeup artists have a lot of brushes and makeup brushes, but are they really necessary? 

In some cases, it is best to use your fingers to apply certain products. But if you have any questions, here we have the answer.

Pre base

Before starting to apply makeup, applying a pre-base on the face is essential for the makeup to last all day. To do this, you don’t have to use a brush. According to a makeup artist, ”the most important aspect is to get it to penetrate the skin, not really precise application. For this, I would recommend cleaning your fingers”.

On the other hand, Hyewon Ahn, celebrity makeup artist, and body painter, suggests using a spray pre base, in this way, you get a “light and uniform coverage,” she explains.


The correct application of the concealer will depend on the area where you place it, for example, if it is the dark circles under the eyes, you can use your fingers or a spongy synthetic brush, so that the product does not accumulate. But if it is a simple spot that you want to cover, it is applied after the base and with a small brush.


How to apply a base will depend on whether it is liquid or powder. The powder base is better to spread with a kabuki brush when it comes to cream or liquid, fingers, a base brush, or makeup sponge are used, however instead of using a cheap base brush, It is advisable to use your fingers.


It does not matter if it is a liquid, powder, or cream highlighter, whichever the case is ideal to use a sponge brush so that you will apply only a small amount of the product evenly.

Bronzing powder

Bronzer and illuminator go hand in hand; that’s why they all go together and have the same application techniques, as in the case of the illuminator, it is recommended to use a brush with blunt bristles and a sharp edge. Thanks to the brush you can contour the face, make soft or subtle edges.


There are three types of products: lipstick, lip gloss, or lip balm, depending on which one you use, you will choose the method that best suits your application. “I like to use a liquid and traditional lipstick brush because it is more hygienic,” recommends Ahn. But “the fingers are the best” if it is a balm or lip gloss.