Why is it not good to have only a fruit or a glass of milk for dinner?

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It is common for a light dinner to be associated with a healthy and good weight loss habit, but in many cases, it is not. Currently, fasting diets are very fashionable. But skipping a meal or eating just fruit, a glass of milk, or yogurt before bed may not be advisable. This depends on the food that we have consumed throughout the day, as well as whether or not we do physical activities.

What is advised to have dinner to lose weight?

To lose weight, it is necessary to consume fewer kilocalories than those consumed during the day. For this reason, dinner may not make as much difference. The important thing is that all meals of the day are healthy and low in calories, not just dinner.

It is also desirable that calorie deficiency does not reduce energy. Otherwise, in the morning, we will feel exhausted. If we exercise during confinement, it is better to eat something more consistent, observing that it has a low caloric content.

Good options are cereal with fruit and yogurt, a vegetable dish, and even a pasta dinner, as long as we combine it with a light, low-calorie sauce.

Can you have a fruit or yogurt for dinner?

If for lack of time or for a matter of convenience we eat a fruit, a glass of milk or a yogurt someday, this is not harmful. But it is not recommended that this dinner be habitual.

In case of making a light dinner of this type, it is good that the yogurt is of good quality. We must complement it with at least 2 pieces of fruit, better if they are different, such as an apple and a banana.

How many calories do we need at dinner?

A healthy dinner should consist of approximately 20% of the total calories consumed during the day. This varies according to the sex and age of the person, as well as their habits and lifestyle.

A healthy dinner, which helps to lose weight, must be able to be maintained over time. Therefore, it must be satisfying, satisfying, and light at the same time. We can consume proteins, meat, fish, or eggs in moderate amounts, avoiding processed or highly elaborated foods, to facilitate digestion.

Eating fiber foods at dinner is highly recommended. But they shouldn’t be raw, since they can generate gastrointestinal discomfort, hindering sleep.