Why should baby teeth be kept clean?

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It is very important to keep children’s milk teeth clean. Hygiene is a habit that is taught from the first moments since it will depend on the child to develop these positive habits in the future when independent. Below, more information about the importance of caring for baby teeth.

Importance of keeping baby teeth clean

Baby teeth are formed in the womb. When the child is born, these incipient pieces are inside the gums and will begin to sprout when the child is between six months and three years old. Then, from the age of six until the age of twelve, it is when the baby teeth begin to fall, and the final ones begin to emerge.

Since baby teeth are not definitive, many parents do not pay as much attention as they should. However, these pieces are vital for the optimal development of the child, so they must be well taken care of at all times. Baby teeth are essential for the chewing process; Thanks to them, the child can start eating solid foods, which, in turn, are necessary for the child’s physical and intellectual development.

Another reason why baby teeth should be kept clean is that they are very important for the process of speaking to the little ones. In addition to the above functions, they also fulfill an obvious but sometimes forgotten role: they are responsible for occupying the space within the oral cavity, which will be subsequently occupied by the final teeth.

The cleaning of milk teeth

Cleaning habits should begin since the baby is born. In the beginning, gauze can be used to clean the gums. Then, when the baby teeth appear, they should start brushing them very softly, always with a children’s brush and non-abrasive toothpaste, specially formulated for the first years of age. This will be a good way to avoid infant caries.

Brushing should be done at least twice a day, specifically in the morning and at night. Once the child is already able to brush himself, the adult should supervise him to make sure he is doing well. At that stage, the ideal is that the child brushes three times a day, after each meal and also flosses very carefully. A child can also start using children’s mouthwashes.

Keeping milk teeth clean is very important since they are essential for the optimal development of the child. In addition, good hygiene habits begin to be taught from an early age.