Woman beats her partner for looking at another girl during a flight

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Before the incredulous looks of the crew and passengers of an American Airlines flight that would leave Miami to Los Angeles, an enraged woman hit her partner’s head with a laptop after claiming him for “looking at other women.”

Later identified by the police as Tiffany McLemore, originally from Orange County in Los Angeles, the protagonist of the incident that delayed the flight is a collaborator of the International Bully Kennel Club, an organization that promotes dog breeds such as pit bulls; She was traveling with her husband back to Los Angeles from an event in Ecuador.

Initially, the couple argued in their seats, and the woman began to raise her voice and struggle with him while the airline staff tried to contain them, the man got up and began to walk down the hall towards the access door, and his wife followed him, laptop in hand, to finally strike a heavy blow on the back of her consort’s head.

Several passengers recorded with their cell phones different aspects of the situation that has been exposed in the social networks and sites of some media, in which the woman is heard yelling at her husband: “Do you want to try to see other women? !” Before physically assaulting him repeatedly.

On the website of the organization that Tiffany represents, it is explained that they are in charge of the Global Premium registration of fighting races: “as agents of the IBKC we must lead by example, showing the highest standards in camaraderie, integrity, pride, professionalism, and sportsmanship” While on his LinkedIn profile, McLemore claims to be a “polished and professional administrative / accounting assistant,” with “excellent communication skills.”

According to the Miami media, the woman’s husband – whose name is Guillermo Ocampo – did not file a complaint against her despite having been contacted by the Police Department, so the aggressor was not arrested. They also state that due to the late call, the police officers could not even find the woman at the airport.