Woman buys her wedding dress three sizes smaller to motivate herself to lose weight

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How many of us have bought clothes, some sizes smaller to motivate us to lose weight? Although it seems a somewhat extreme way to encourage us, in some cases, it can work.

Samantha Parramore, a 32-year-old British woman, was about to get married but didn’t want her overweight to accompany her on her special day, so she made the drastic decision to buy a three-size smaller wedding dress, convinced that if that didn’t motivate to lose weight nothing would.

A lifetime of obesity

Samantha’s battle with her body began when she was 16 years old, became addicted to junk food, and found in her an “escape” from her negative emotions. But the more she ate, her low self-esteem intensified:

Since adolescence, I have struggled with my body image and my confidence. I have never felt enough. For a while, I found relief in running, it helped me control my emotions, but after a while, I preferred to take refuge in food.

Goodbye, extra kilos; Hello, happiness!

After years mired in a vicious cycle of losing and gaining weight, Parramore became obsessed with calories and numbers on the scale, enrolled in several weight loss clubs, followed many diets, but eventually ended up returning to her bad habits.

Tired and with her wedding around the corner, she made a final decision: she looked for experts in the field who prepared an exercise and meal plan. But to give herself an extra boost, she also bought a three size smaller wedding dress. This assured her a tangible goal.

And finally, she did it!

According to her, the process did not focus on weight loss but on changing mentality and improving the relationship with food. In the first week, she lost three kilos, and six months later, she managed to lose 30 kilos and enter her dream dress:

With the help of my mentor and my family, I found the confidence to feel like a beautiful bride. Although it’s great to see myself as I look, the real goal was to feel happy. It was amazing to be able to wear a dress that long ago seemed like an unattainable dream.

The above story proves that there is nothing impossible in the world; one must have the courage and a goal to achieve its dreams.