Woman leaves $ 5,000 tip to get revenge on her boyfriend

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A woman was arrested for leaving a large amount of tip in a restaurant as revenge against her boyfriend. Serina Wolfe and her partner, Michael Crane, attended the Clear Sky Cafe for dinner and a pleasant time, but everything went out of control.

After an argument, the man decided to leave the place and left his credit card to Serina to pay the bill, without thinking about what would happen next.

Blinded by her anger, the woman decided to pay what they consumed, but also left a valuable tip of five thousand dollars, something that caught the attention of the site workers.

Days after the start, Serina was arrested and confessed that she performed this action because her boyfriend refused to buy her a plane ticket to go see her family.

The girl continues her judicial process and could leave on bail with a fine of one thousand dollars, with the condition of not approaching her boyfriend while continuing her legal period. Serina’s lawyers claim that she was under the influence of alcohol when she committed the act, but this has not changed the perspective of the authorities.

They say that revenge is a dish that is served cold, but that kills the soul and poisons it; However, studies published in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology indicate that getting even out of a person improves mood.

An experiment was conducted that consisted of a group of people receiving negative comments about their work in writing; after this, they were handed voodoo dolls to get angry at the criticism they received. The result was that the mood of the participants improved.

In a second investigation, a group of people had to play a video game, ignoring any of the individuals present; later, the excluded had the opportunity to take revenge by reproducing a noise in the headphones of the rest of his companions. The researchers concluded that revenge is used for people to be able to change their mood.