Woman pretends to be a ghost to not pay for her trip in Uber and the feat goes viral

They say that need is the mother of invention, and some people would do anything to save money. This harsh story is one more example that poverty (or greed) can reach beyond.

Marcos Israel Sauceda is a driver of the Uber transport application, and in his social networks, he published a brief anecdote about a passenger “ghost”. This is possibly one of the most absurd, macabre, and hilarious stories about those who use this app.

The driver says he got a young woman in the city of Monterrey, Mexico, and took her to the Modern neighborhood. When they arrived at the address, the girl got off and asked Marcos to wait for a moment while she went to look for money at home to pay for the trip.

In total, it had been 87 Mexican pesos (something like 4.5 dollars), and the driver waited in his vehicle, but the girl did not return. After about seven minutes, an older woman left the house and asked if she had left anyone.

Marcos explained that he had left a girl and that he was waiting for her to pay for the service. Then the lady revealed that the girl was her daughter, but that she had died four years ago! The lady also added that it was not the first time that the “ghost girl” asked for a car to take her home …

Of course, the driver believed her absolutely nothing, but he so laughed at the story that they had invented so as not to pay him, that he took it for granted with the laugh they provoked and left. The publication of this “ghost” story went viral on Facebook and has already been shared more than ten thousand times.

The people of Monterrey are already reputed to be quite greedy, but this young woman hitherto unknown reached a new level pretending to be a specter in order not to pay the Uber driver.

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