Navigation service personnel sacrificed life to save hundred others on plane during earthquake

A big clap for this brave young man!

Source: The Star & Daily Mail

A 21-year-old navigation service personnel of an airport was hailed as hero when a 7.5-magnitude earthquake hit the city of Palu in Central Sulawesi which resulted into a tsunami last September 28.

This developed after Anthonius Gunawan Agung offered his own life by deciding to to bravely endure the earthquake, to ensure a plane that was carrying hundreds of passengers took off safely. While all his co-workers ran for safety, he still stayed on in the control tower to guide the plane that had hundreds of people onboard.

Sources said after making sure the plane took off safely he finally decided to leave the ATC Cabin Tower. As the earthquake struck the control tower, Anthonius decided to jump off the four storey-tower in his attempt to escape.

He suffered from a broken leg and internal injuries, but sadly he died while waiting for the helicopter to transport him to the nearest medical facility. Due to the heroic act of Anthonius, he will be given a hero’s send-off as a way to honour his death. His bosses also increased his rank by two levels as a tributes to him.

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