Loving Father Purchase An Uninhabited Island To Provide Son Clean Air

A big clap for this Chinese father!

Kwong Wah

How far would you go for the sake of your son’s health conditions.

A loving father in China recently made headlines online after he decided to buy an uninhabited island just to provide fresh environment and clean environment to his son. According to reports, Zhu from Jiangsu, China bought an uninhabited island because his son was suffering from a chronic disease and desperately needed clean and fresh air. The island reportedly cost the father 1,000,000 Yuan (145,582.41 US dollars).

The son was born in 2006 and was diagnosed with a lymphatic disease when he was just three years old. Zhu took his son to a hospital in Shanghai for treatment due to his severe condition. “My wife and I were crying at the stairs. The doctor in Shanghai said it’s best for my son to live in a place with a peaceful environment and clean air. That could help tremendously with his health,” the father said.

Three years later, the father found an island about 1.5 hectares in size and bought the island’s lease for
30 years. He named it Wu Wei Island because the name in Mandarin means he’d do anything for his son.  On the island, Zhu built a house with seven rooms complete with air-conditioners, solar panels and other facilities for his family.

On the northern side of the island, Zhu also built seven rooms for guests because many have shown interest in staying on Zhu’s island after his unique lifestyle became well-known. “We work when the sun’s out and rest when the sun sets. The air is fresh and cool here. We pick wild vegetables, catch fishes and plant our own fruits and vegetables. We really enjoy the blessings provided by nature,” Zhu said.

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