Japanese relay runner crawls to the finish line on bloody knees

A big clap for this determined girl!

China Press

A 19-year-old university student in Fukuoka, Japan has earned huge praise online after she decided to finish a relay race while  crawling on a bloody knees.

The student identified as Ida Rei joined the running race in Iwatani Industrial in Tokyo, Japan last October 21. According to reports, She was running towards the next checkpoint and was about 250 metres away when someone collided with her, which caused her to fall down.

The fall caused her great pain but as her teammate was waiting for her, she did not want to give up. She was unable to walk but since she was still determined to finish the race, Ida proceeded to crawl on her hands and knees so that she could pass the baton to her teammate.

She did her best to crawl on the hot and burning asphalt, which caused her palms and knees to bleed but she finally reached the spot where her teammate was waiting, with tears in her eyes.

Meanwhile, other spectators were cheering her on while the news crew in the area was filming her movements as everyone was moved and impressed by her show of great sportsmanship.
Although her fall had caused her team to lose, they did not mind as they knew she was injured.

That’s not all because when the doctors checked on Ida, they found out that she had been crawling with a broken leg as her right tibia was fractured and required three months of rest.

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