Being late for 10 minutes saved man from Lion Air Tragedy

A blessing in disguise!

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Being late is always a bad thing especially if you are going to ride a plane at the airport. But in some instance, being late in your flight can actually save your life.

An Indonesian was saved from possible death when he arrived 10 minutes late for his Lion Air flight bound for Pangkal Pinang from Jakarta, Indonesia. I can be recalled that the said Air Lion flight with 189 passengers on board crashed to the sea.

Sony Setiawan revealed he arrived to the terminal 10 minutes late because he was stuck in traffic at Tol Cikampek, Karawang. As he arrived at the airport, the plane had already taken off.
“My house is in Bandung and I’d return every week.

So, I’d travel to the airport every Monday morning via Lion Air, taking the 6.10am flight. “Usually, I’d leave Bandung at 11pm and I’d reach terminal 1B Jakarta about 3am. Due to the really bad traffic congestion in Cikampek, I only reached the airport at 6.20am. By that time, my flight had already taken off.”

When he heard about the news of the plane going off radar this morning, he cried and thanked God for his survival. He said he even had a bad feeling earlier this morning. Because of that bad feeling, he printed his boarding pass out in paper which he had never done for his previous trips.

“I checked-in online because I was afraid that I was going to be late. Usually, I don’t print my boarding pass too,” he said. The plane went missing just 13 minutes after it had taken off. Local authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash and the rescue mission is still ongoing.
Now thet God gave him a second life, Setiawan vowed to be a better man and treasure his life more.

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