How Turkey Treats Stray Dogs Just Warms Your Heart

A big clap for Turkey!

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If there is one place on earth where stray dog can find joy and happiness that place would be Turkey.

Turkey is treating stray dogs humanely and with deep love and concern. According to reports, the Turkish government as a team (of people) that searches for street dogs and takes them to shelters where the dogs are given showers and vaccination.

Apparently, every dog has a name written on the tag attached to its ear. Through the tags, the special team can locate the dogs in order to vaccinate them regularly. Despite Turkey’s huge population, the government does not just focus on the people and neglect the welfare of these animals.

With the nice treatment they got from the people stray dogs in Turkey behave like good dogs unlike in other places in the world where they are a threat and constantly bark to people because they are neglected and not given attention by human. A big clap and respect for Turkey on the way they treat stray dogs.

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Written by Peter Ramos

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