Wuhan recovers and ends Coronavirus quarantine after 3 months

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Wuhan, in China, was the city where the coronavirus emerged that now keeps millions of people around the world at home, but there is good news.

After three months of declaring quarantine, and the uncertainty that all this implies, now that conditions have changed, they decided that it is time to return to normal.

According to local media images, the police checkpoints at the city exits have been removed, after eleven weeks of leaving Wuhan being prohibited.

There have been long rows of people who were eager to leave this place, and that is that they are residents of other cities who had to stay there in the face of the coronavirus outbreak and will finally be able to return to their homes.

Some flights are also reactivated, although not the international ones nor those that go directly to Beijing, and it is that the return to “normality” will not happen overnight, but will be gradual.

Another progress is that the service of taxis, trains, tram, among others, which were detained during all these weeks, is allowed again since the city was paralyzed.

Although many restrictions have been lifted, the authorities ask Wuhan residents to take it easy and, for the time being, do not leave the city, nor the Hubei province, of which Wuhan is the capital.

Although it is true, it seems that the worst is over, this does not mean that the risk of contagion has been eliminated. The inhabitants of the city must obtain a QR code that certifies a good state of health and that they do not have contact with the infected.

There will still be some controls and the restriction in shopping malls to avoid crowds, as already said, the risk has not completely passed.

Without a doubt, this is great news for the city of Wuhan, but also for the whole world, since it gives hope that eventually the habitual dynamics of the people will be reactivated.

Life, heart, and hope are rekindled in China and across the planet. A beautiful moment, without a doubt.