You can now rent Harry Potter’s childhood home on Airbnb!

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Most Muggles have dreamed of having the Marauder’s Map to walk the halls of Hogwarts, Diagon Alley or buy candy at Honeydukes.

For all those dreamers, there is good news: the small house where Harry Potter lived his first years of life with his parents James and Lily Potter, located in the beautiful medieval village of Lavenham, England, is available to be rented on vacation in December through Airbnb.

Dust your broom to travel to Godric Valley!

Image Source: Courtesy de vere house

Airbnb and the Ministry of Magic allow magicians and Muggles to stay in the Potter’s house, located in the Godric Valley of the magical world. According to reports from the Aurors, the valley has become a safe place to vacation because after the battle at Hogwarts; there has been no presence of Death Eaters or Dementors.

Don’t forget to take out your Gringotts savings

Image Source: Courtesy de vere house

The Potter’s residence is located in Lavenham, England ( muggle location ). The medieval-looking townhouses more than 300 properties that are considered historical heritage, and that served as a set to represent the Godric Valley in the saga of the magician.

The rent is 153 dollars per night. Guests have access to the living room with a fireplace, the garden, a room with a double bed and continental breakfast and amenities like TV and WiFi.

Hogwarts ghosts are welcome

Image Source: Courtesy de vere house

The house was built in the 14th century by the De Veres family, counts of Oxford. Due to its antiquity, there are rumors that a ghost roams the house, and is as friendly as Nick Almost Beheaded.

Considering the door-unlocking “Alohomora” charm won’t work here, it’s best to book your stay far in advance to be sure it’s available. The popular listing is already booked till the end of January 2020! So don’t be late; book your stay as soon as possible.