Young businessman gives away pantries to his workers to quarantine

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Staying at home will serve to contain a virus that appears to be deadly; However, some people will also lose their jobs and consequently, their economy will change dramatically. 

In this situation, some presidents are contributing millions so that none of the inhabitants of their countries feels this change, but some small entrepreneurs are also contributing their grain of sand.

In Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, the story of a young man who invested in the well-being of his employees and gave them groceries went viral, in addition to paying them in full for the days they cannot work due to isolation.

The good ones are always more.

Isabel Hernández published on her Facebook account the story of her brother, a 26-year-old businessman who, after making purchases to supply his family, realized that his employees would also need food to survive the quarantine, he did not hesitate a little and put together several packages of food to give them.

”For several days I have noticed, and I have begun to think that with this quarantine, most Mexicans live daily, that with a minimum salary that people earn, they will not be enough to buy reserves for a month.” says, young businessman.

Yesterday my brother made the decision to go buy pantries for his workers. My brother is a 26-year-old young businessman who thought about his people, his workers and made them pantries for themselves and their families.

Isabel explained how proud she is of her brother

Actually, I am proud because I have not seen large companies that do this for their people. Hopefully, it will serve as an example for entrepreneurs who have more money.

Hundreds of people congratulated this huge gesture.

So far, the publication has reached more than 281 thousand reactions and more than 257 comments in which they congratulate and thank the noble gesture of the businessman.

During these times of crisis, we need more good people.