Young man closes his flower shop and decorates the cemetery with which he did not sell

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Small business owners are the ones who are most strongly resenting the coronavirus crisis; the vast majority have had to close their businesses because there are no people on the streets. Still, there are those who are allocating their products to those who need them most, and what is not edible goes to decorate the streets, at least for a few days, just as this young man did.

Romain Banliat is a young beekeeper from the town of Plerguer, in France, who was forced to close his flower shop due to the pandemic, and without knowing what to do with so many flowers, so he took them to a cemetery to decorate the graves.

Flowers are not just thrown away.

Banliat was not able to throw them away, nor could he give them away because they were too many, so he preferred to take them to the local cemetery to decorate the most abandoned graves. He was aware that people would not be able to visit their loved ones during quarantine, and he wanted to leave everything ready for them to look cute.

People applauded his great gesture.

Romain shared the photos on his Facebook wall without imagining that he would reach hundreds of people, the same ones who applauded his noble gesture.

My greenhouses are full. Hyacinths, daffodils, primroses, flowers that were going to bloom. It was unbearable for me to throw everything, I had between 400 and 500 flowering plants, I placed them delicately in the graves. It warmed my heart, especially since my grandparents are buried in this cemetery.

Now just wait for everything to pass quickly.

He employed 12 people in his store, which he had to fire when he closed his two branches. Romain knows that the future of his business is uncertain, but the messages of encouragement he has received have been so many that he now has the strength to cope with the situation. Now he only hopes that everything will pass to return the employment to his workers and refill his shops with beautiful flowers.