Your overweight could be linked to depression and you hadn’t noticed.

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Today several conditions make our lives a little more complicated. And every day, new diseases, syndromes, or conditions appear that interest us to take greater care of our Health; However, despite advances in technology, medicine, and even the desire to be healthy, it remains complicated.

What happens if two conditions combine and end your Health? Is it possible? And the answer is yes, in the 21st century it is still difficult to combat all those conditions that were not seen together, so now we talk about something somewhat common but at the same time unknown: overweight and depression.

Thanks to studies conducted at some institutes, such as the University of South Australia and the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, it is known that women are more likely to suffer from overweight and depression as a whole. Also, in twelve years, these problems increased by 2 percent in people over 18 years. 

Previous research has already suggested that people with obesity are more likely to become depressed, but it was unknown whether this caused changes in weight or vice versa.

But now it is known that overweight people are 55 percent more likely to suffer from depression, while 58 percent of those with depression tend to be later overweight. Despite the great progress, it is not yet discovered how this bond arises between them, but if you think you can get to suffer from them, it is best to go to a specialist and start fighting against these giants. That is why we leave some tips that can help you:

1. What to attend first?

It is known that it is impossible to try to address both problems at the same time, it is like wanting to run a marathon with a broken leg, so some experts recommend auditing to the mood so that after a few weeks, it is easier to attend the physical state. That is, feeling good with you emotionally and then starting to feel good physically and then end both conditions.

2. Food

As soon as you begin to notice these thoughts, you should go to a therapist, and a nutritionist since no one better than them will help you because many times those who have mood problems overeat to ‘satisfy their emotional problems.’

3. Exercise

Finally, and even if it sounds pointless! It will help you, not only will your body feel better, but you will also be overwhelming, and your mental health will improve. Think, how do you feel when lying for more than two hours doing nothing? It is sad. And also increases the risk of depression, so move, go for a walk, walk your dog, jog or shop, any option that takes you out of that area will be very good.