Zac Efron escapes near-death experience while filming new docuseries

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We were about to start 2020 without Zac Efron! The actor caught a serious illness during a trip to Papua New Guinea to record the docuseries Killing Zac Efron, a very suitable name for his near-death experience.

Days before Christmas, the handsome actor contracted a type of typhoid or a similar dangerous bacterial infection that put his life at risk. He had to be transferred and admitted to St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital in Brisbane, Australia.

Everything was a shock.

Typhoid fever is a disease caused by bacteria in the water or contaminated food and can be fatal if not treated on time or properly. Luckily, for Zac and for us that we cannot live without him, everything was in a fright, and after being hospitalized for several days, he returned home.

I am very grateful to everyone who has approached me. I got sick in Papua New Guinea, but I recovered quickly and concluded my three amazing weeks there. I went home to spend Christmas with my family and friends. Thank you all for the concern. See you in 2020!

What is Killing Zac Efron about?

The cameras will show us the actor for 21 days while trying to tour the jungle of a dangerous and remote island, accompanied by a guide and carrying only the essentials to survive. This docuseries will be broadcast on the Quibi mobile video platform.

In this regard, Zac said he loves to undergo extreme circumstances, look for opportunities that challenge him at all levels, and explore unknown territories to come face to face with the adventure.